Aesthetic lifecasting
Paper mache- figures, heads, masks, torsos
Book about paper mache techniques
Figurative, expressive paintings

Body Casting

Every body and every face is a unique artwork not created by human hands. I offer you the making of unique aesthetic body sculptures based on lifecasting. Read more...

Papier Mache

Rummage in my Galleries, learn a bit about papier-mâché techniques, and let yourself be enchanted by the options. Find ideas for treading your own path. Read more...

Figurative painting

Human head and figure have always been my favourite subjects. Diversity of characters and feelings reflected in faces inspire me infinitely even today. Read more...

Fascinated by papier mache

An inspirational workbook for beginners and professionals
A richly illustrated new edition takes the reader on a voyage of discovery into the versatile world of papier-mâché (also paper-mâché, paper mache) and proves that it is possible to make more of it than just piggybanks and colourful Nana reproductions. The book explains the basics of the papier-mâché technique in an entertaining and comprehensible way; you can try the technique out based on many practical examples (primarily figurative motifs).

Latest works

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